World Beat Festival

    August 31st (Sat.) & September 1st (Sun.)
    Nokonoshima Campground (Fukuoka)

    ** Full lineup, ticket and more details will be announced soon.

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Main Band 2019

One of the most prestigious musical groups in Cuba and elsewhere, Elito Revé y su Charangón to Japan!

Elito Revé y su Charangón

Elio Revé Matos born in Guantanamo, eastern province of Cuba, on June 23, 1930 and faithful exponent of the best values of Cuban music, was listed as "Father of Changüí" by the contributions made at this rate, besides being one of his biggest supporters. Master Teacher for his orchestra figures like Chucho Valdes, Juan Formell, Yumurí, Carlos Alfonso and even his own son Elito formed, just to mention some examples, Elio Revé Matos managed to convince in each performance. The life and work of this important musician and composer is still of great importance in Cuban musical history.

After the death of Elio Revé in 1997, his son Elio Revé Jr. graduated from high level of music, who besides having been prepared by his father, and was part of the orchestra as a pianist and arranger takes up the challenge to continue the work of Reve and it assumes the direction of the orchestra besides achieving popularity, sonority and stamp for so many years had accompanied this group maintain. Elio Revé Jr. and Charangón with rigor and great aesthetic and musical sense since reached the top of the Hit Parade of the national Cuban radio and television, have been performed on stages in France, Holland, USA, Spain , Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Mexico where the orchestra was known and where they managed the public received them enthusiastically precisely thanks to having maintained the same sound.

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What's ISLA?

A summer holiday in an exquisite oasis
that’s just a 10-minute ferry ride away.

Dance and enjoy 8 hours non-stop performances
by international artists.
Beach, mojito, great food and best music!


Venue: Nokonoshima Camp Ground  (Nokonoshima, Nishiku, Fukuoka 819-0012)


There is NO PUBLIC PARKING available in Nokonoshima.
Please DO NOT come by car unless you have an Embarkation permission issued by NPO Tiempo Iberoamericano.
We strongly advise to take public transportation to Meinohama ferry terminal.

[How to access]

1. First, let’s go to the port at Meinohama.
To the ferry port "Noko Tosenba" in Meinohama, Nishitetsu buses offer the most convenient access.

Nearest bus stop: "Noko Ferry Terminal"
Nearest subway station: "Meinohama-eki".

Nishitetsu Bus Website

2. Next, let's get on a ferry to Nokonoshima from Nieihama.

Ferry Timetables

3. Nokonoshima Ferry Port      Camp Ground

It takes only 10 minutes to reach the island from the ferry port. After arriving on the island, there are free "Shuttle Bus" to transport everyone from the arrival area to the festival locale and back. You must show your festival ticket to board the "Shuttle Bus".