Stands & Shops

Cafe Restaurante SANCHO PANZA

Latin Foods

Café restaurant Sancho Panza food stands under the raised floor style bungalow can be found between the beat stage and the beach.
We will have three different types of food.

• Empanadas
• Fried Potato with Aioli Sauce
• Cassava Fries
• Chorizo
• Chori-pan
• Argentine style BBQ
• Bocatillo
• Mexican Brito


Barber shop

FRANK’S CHOP SHOP (New York, Los Angeles, Fukuoka, Okinawa)
Providing high ends grooming experience to the modern gentleman of leisure.
Mens design cuts 2,000 yen~

Umi-no-ie (Sea House)

Food and Shop

Resting space in the Sea house can be found at left side and the shop and sea house office are right side as viewed from the beach.
Enjoy performances at the sea house stage, having a meal, taking a nap. Please feel free to use there.

• Curry Rice
• Udon (Japanese noodles with soup)
• Takana meshi (Rice with Pickled Leaf Mustard)
• Mayotaka (Rice with Takana + Mayonnaise)
• Yakisoba (Japanese noodles)
• Kakigōri (Japanese shaved ice with syrup )
• Softcream

Barbecue area


Enjoy a barbecue without the need to bring anything with you. Here you can try affordable charcoal-grilled wagyu beef from Kyushu. The charcoal is supplied by the staff so you don’t have to worry about it. Reservations are not required, but recommended during the festival.
Reservation: Nokonoshima Camp Ground   092-881-0948

Please note that foods and drinks brought from outside of the festival are not permitted.
This area is only for those who ask the barbecue menu to the sea house.